Who we are: The Sinclair research group is a world leader in the understanding of why we age and how to reverse it. Our lab has trained over 100 people who will always remain part of the extended Sinclair lab family. Students and postdocs who train in our lab leave with a broad education in the latest technologies and approaches to science, along with skills in leadership and entrepreneurship, going on to successful careers in industry and academia. Many alumni are professors in academia or leaders in industry or venture capital. They are inventors on patents and some have founded successful companies out of the Sinclair lab or other labs. To date, our lab members have had a hand in the formation of over 15 companies, including Sirtris, Spotlight, Iduna, Immetas, Genocea, Life Biosciences, Jumpstart Fertility, Continuum, Arc-Bio, EdenRoc, OvaScience, Cohbar, Selphagy, Senolytic Therapeutics, and Animal Biosciences.

What we do: Students and postdoctoral fellows in the lab can choose to learn a variety of techniques, including bioinformatics, molecular biology, epigenetic reprogramming, and animal physiology. We are not motivated by any specific technique but instead choose to start with scientific questions that if answered would improve lives and make the world a better place. Studies in the lab include the analysis of DNA repair, fertility, mitochondrial dysfunction, wound healing, cardiac failure, muscle loss, the interactions between epigenetic and genetic instability, and dementia, and whole body and tissue reprogramming. Techniques include mouse physiology and cognition, molecular biology, medicinal chemistry, high-throughput molecule screening, software design, and genomics. We also have a Special Projects Division that works on other areas of biology besides aging that could make a big difference in people’s lives such as detection of infectious diseases by genomics and detoxification enzymes for improving biosecurity.

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