Blavatnik Institute


Science Writer - Post-doctoral (Ph.D.)

We are seeking a talented individual to join the lab of Professor David Sinclair at Harvard Medical School. The Science Writer will provide essential support to the PI, postdoctoral fellows and students in developing grant proposals and applications to advance the laboratory’s pursuit of external funding for research projects. Proposals are focused on the study of aging, and the prevention or reversal of age associated dysfunction.

Post-doctoral (Ph.D.) position in Aging and Epigenomics

We are seeking a talented, highly motivated researcher to join the laboratory of Professor David Sinclair in the Genetics Department at Harvard Medical School, Boston. The Sinclair lab is known for their work on genes and small molecules that delay or reverse aging. They have identified a new approach to safely reverse the age of tissues and used it to restore the vision of old mice, a study that was recently on the cover of Nature. The lab has a wide range of expertise and interests, including cancer, neurodegeneration, blindness, diabetes, and muscle degeneration.