Past and present advisory roles, board positions, funding sources, licensed inventions, investments, funding, and invited talks.
(Updated September 1, 2022)

Patent applications filed at Harvard Medical School are owned by Harvard Medical School and they license intellectual property (IP) at their discretion. 

The year(s) after the company’s name are the years of his involvement/focus.*

F=Founder;  I=Investor;  E=Equity;  A=Advisor/Consultant;  B=Board of Directors;  IP=Inventor on licensed patents;  L=Funding for laboratory

Infectious diseases
Genocea Biosciences Cambridge MA, vaccines (2006-2011) F,A
Arc-Bio Cambridge, MA and Menlo Park, CA, diagnosing infections (2015-present) Formerly BigDataBio, Cambridge, MA F,I,E,A,B,IP

Dovetail Genomics, an EdeRoc Company, Scotts Valley CA, (2015-present) E
Revere Biosensors, an EdenRoc Company, Menlo Park, CA, (2015- present) F,I,E,A,B 
UpRNA, an EdenRoc Sciences Company (2018-2020)  E
Claret Bioscience an EdenRoc Sciences company (2018-present)  E

Sirtris Pharma, Cambridge MA Medicines rare, common diseases, sirtuin activation (2004-2010) F,I,A,B,IP 
GlaxoSmithKline Sirtuins, (2010-2016) A; (2010-present) IP
Cohbar Menlo Park CA, fatty liver disease, peptides (2010-present) F,E,A
OvaScience MA, fertility solutions (2012-2015) IP
Galilei Biosciences SIRT6 activators (2014-present) F,I,E,A,B
Jupiter Orphan Therapeutics rare diseases (2016-2019) E,A
MetroBiotech, an EdenRoc company aka Bauhaus; NAD boosters (2015-present) F,I,E,A,B (EdenRoc),IP
Life Biosciences Boston, MA Longevity technologies, see listed affiliates (2017-present) F,I,E,A,B,IP
Senolytic Therapeutics, a Life Biosciences Company Senolytics (2017-present) F,I,E,A,B
Spotlight Biosciences, a Life Biosciences company  Cambridge, MA (2018-2020) F,I,E,A,B,IP
Selphagy, a Life Biosciences company  Barcelona, Spain, New York, NY (2018-present) I,E
Iduna, a Life Biosciences Company Boston, MA (2018-present) F,I,E,A,IP
Immetas Boston, MA (2018-present) F,I,E,A,B
Jumpstart Fertility, a Life Biosciences Company, Sydney, Australia, Boston, MA F,I,E,A,B,IP
Continuum Biosciences, a Life Biosciences Company, Blacksburg, Virgina, Boston, MA F,I,E,A,B
Alterity Therapeutics, a Life Biosciences Company, rare diseases, Melbourne, Australia (2019-present) E,A,B
Atai (2021- present) I

Biosecurity / Medical Genomics
Liberty Biosecurity, an EdenRoc company (2015-present) F,I,E,A,B (EdenRoc), IP

Technology / Services
EMD Millipore (2010-present) IP, Sirt-ainty assay
Wellomics formulation services (2014-present) I,E
Zymo Research Irvine, CA, molecular biology (2017-present) A
Lua Communications, A Life Biosciences company (2014-2019) I,A,E,B (Life Biosciences)
DaVinci Logic (2018-present) I,E,B

Consumer / Biotracking
InsideTracker (Segterra), Cambridge, MA I,A,IP (2011-present) B(2011-2017)
Caudalie Paris, France (2013-present) E,A,IP,L
Elysium Health New York, NY (2018) IP
Shaklee Pleasanton, CA (2008) A
Levels (2021-present) E,A
Tally Health (2021-present) F,I,E,

Animal Health/Husbandry
Animal Biosciences (2017-present) I,E
Vium formerly Mousera, Menlo Park, CA (2013-2020) I,E,A

Bayer Crop Science (2006-present) IP

Longwood Fund (2012-present) A
Catalio Capital Management (2021-present) A
Frontier Acquisition Corporation (2021-present) F,I,B,E
Bold Capital (2021-present) E,A
Falcon Edge Capital (2021-present) E

Not for Profit Organizations
AFAR (American Federation for Aging Research) B,A,F
Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) A
Global Healthspan Policy Institute (2016-2021) A
Lifeboat Foundation (2015-2017) S
Ambassador for Business Events NSW, Australia A
Sanford Lorraine Cross Award A

Aging, NY (2008-present) Co-founder, Co-Chief Editor A

Invited Talks:
2000, Jun         Genome Stability and Cancer Symposium, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
2000, Oct         University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
2000, Nov        Harvard Medical School, Advisory Council Meeting
2001, Aug        M.I.T. Biology, Cambridge, MA
2001, Sept        Brown University, Providence, RI
2001, Oct         UT Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, TX
2002, Jan         Washington University, St. Louis, MO
2002, Apr         Genomics of Aging Conference, Seville, Spain
2002, Jun         FASEB Summer Research Conference, Genes and Gene Expression, VT
2002, Oct         Metabolism and Aging Conference, Bethesda, MD
2002, Nov        Genetics of Aging Conference, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
2003, Apr         Museum of Science, Boston, Science Live!, layperson seminar
2003, Apr         Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
2003, Apr         Biomol Research Laboratories, Philadelphia, PA
2003, July        Museum of Science, Boston, Science Live! Stage
2003, Sept        Oncogenes EMBL Conference, Salk Institute, San Diego, CA
2003, Sept        Development and Growth Control Meeting, Arolla, Switzerland
2003, Sept        Student invitation, Brandeis University, MA
2003, Sept        NIA-RFA meeting, Mechanisms of Calorie Restriction, Bethesda, MD
2003, Oct         Gerontology Fellows Seminars, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, MA
2003, Oct         New York University, Frontiers in Biotechnology Seminar Series
2003, Nov        Advisory Council Meeting, Harvard Medical School
2003, Dec        Student invitation, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
2004, Jan         Evening Seminars for Fellows and Faculty, Children's Hospital, MA
2004, Jan         Cleveland University, Cleveland, OH
2004, Jan         Yale University, New Haven, CT
2004, Feb         Beth Israel East Deaconess, Endocrine Grand Rounds
2004, Mar        Department of Neurobiology, HMS, Boston MA.
2004, Mar        Dean's Longwood Seminars, Harvard Medical School, MA
2004, Mar        Keynote Speaker, National Council on Spinal Cord Injury, MA
2004, Apr         Harvard National Pepper Centers Conference, MA
2004, May       Student Invitation, University of Calgary, Canada
2004, Aug        Invited Speaker, Wood's Hole Course on Aging, MA
2004, Sept        Redox Symposium, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
2004, Sept        Biology of Aging, Gordon Research Conference, Aussois, France
2004, Sept        University of Nebraska, Redox Biology Conference
2004, Oct         Time and Aging Conference, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany
2004, Oct         Exeter Hospital, NH, Medical Education Lecture
2004, Oct         Cold Spring Harbor, NY, Biology of Aging Conference
2004, Nov        University of Texas SW, seminar series
2005, Jan         Young Presidents Association, keynote speaker
2005, Feb         The Wistar Institute, PA
2005, Mar        Cold Spring Harbor seminar series
2005, Mar        Caltech, CA, seminar series
2005, Apr         Cornell University, Ithaca, seminar series
2005, Apr         HMS Entrepreneur Symposium, 2005
2005, May       U. Colorado, Boulder, seminar series
2005, Jun         RAND, Summer Workshop on Aging, Santa Monica
2005, Aug        FASEB Summer Glucose Transporter Meeting
2005, Aug        Cold Spring Harbor Aging Course, guest lecture series
2005, Aug        NIH, National Institutes for Diabetes (NIDDK), seminar series.
2005, Aug        Procter and Gamble, Academic Seminar Series, invited speaker
2005, Sept        UT San Antonio, Invited Speaker
2005, Sept        Neurological Society, Hynes Convention Cntr., Boston
2005, Sept        Abingworth Advisory Ltd. London Marriot Hotel, County Hall
2005, Nov        CNIO Cancer Conference, Madrid, Spain
2005, Dec        National Institutes on Aging Seminar series
2006, Jan         Gordon Aging Conference, Ventura Beach, CA
2006, Feb         Lorne Cancer Conference, Melbourne, Australia
2006, Feb         University of Sydney, Australia
2006, Mar        Genomic of Ageing Meeting, Palermo, Italy
2006, Mar        BioInnovator of 2006, BioAgenda conference, FL
2006, Apr         Harvard Medical School Dean's Advisory Council presentation
2006, May       Distinguished Speaker at Baylor College of Medicine Annual Symposium
2006, May       Massachusetts General Hospital Seminar series on Neurodegeneration
2006, June       Varmus Presidential Lecture at Memorial Sloan Kettering, NY
2006, June       Werner-Gren/Royal Swedish Academy "Aging" Conference, Sweden
2006, Aug        The Burnham Institute
2006, Aug        Telluride Tech Festival, CO, keynote speaker
2006, Aug        Woods Hole Ellison Aging Course, lecturer
2006, Sept        Albert Einstein, NY, Diabetes Section, invited speaker
2006, Sept        Mayo Clinic Graduate Student Symposium, Keynote Speaker
2006, Oct         Woods Hole RUNN Neurological Surgeon Course
2006, Oct         Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, NY
2006, Oct         Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Aging, invited Speaker
2006, Oct         Lux Capital Entrepreneur Symposium, Charles Hotel, MA
2006, Oct         Massachusetts General Hospital, CBRC, Charlestown, MA
2006, Nov        USCD, Department of Pharmacology, invited speaker
2006, Nov        Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting, TX
2007, Jan         NovaNOW, Science Café, lay-person seminar, Cambridge, MA
2007, Jan         Proctor and Gamble, OH, USA, Invited Speaker
2007, Jan         Heredity Disease Foundation, Sirtuins as Targets for HD, Boston, MA.
2007, Jan         NIH Directors Meeting
2007, Feb         Scripps, Frontiers in Research Symposium
2007, Feb         UTSW, Texas, Biochem Dept.
2007, April       Molecular Basis of Aging Conference, Titisee, Germany
2007, April       Cambridge Science Festival, MIT Museum
2007, May       Harvard/Paul F. Glenn Symposium, 2007
2007, June       BioAgenda Conference, Innovator of the Year Award Recipient
2007, July        Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY
2007, Aug        Woods Hole Ellison Aging Course, lecturer
2007, Oct         Woods Hole RUNN Neurological Surgeon Course, keynote
2007, Oct         The Harvard Club, NY, for lay people
2007, Nov        Symposium on Nutrition and Aging, The Buck Institute
2007, Dec        NIH workshop on the therapeutic potential of resveratrol, Bethesda
2008, Jan         Boston University, Dept of Biochemistry, seminar series
2008, Jan         Harvard "Pasteur Frontiers in Medicine" series
2008, Feb         Glaxo Smith Kline, CEO Presentation
2008, Jan         New York Academy of Science, Nutrients and Aging, NY
2008, Feb         Boston University, Cardiac Division
2008, Feb         Gladstone Institute, UCSF
2008, Mar        Invited speaker, Australian Academy of Sciences, Canberra
2008, Mar        Edmonton Canada, Student Symposium, Keynote
2008, Mar        Nutrient Signaling and Aging, Keystone Conf., Colorado, invited speaker
2008, Mar        University of Alberta, Keynote speaker, Merck Prize
2008, April       HMS Beth Israel Combined Grand Rounds
2008, May       Case Western Reserve, Genetics Symposium, Keynote speaker
2008, June       American Diabetes Association (ADA) Annual Meeting, San Francisco
2008, June       World Science Festival, NY, Panel Participant
2008, July        RAND, Summer Workshop on Aging, Santa Monica
2008, July        GSK SciNovations Symposium, Pennsylvania
2008, July        NIH Workshop on Epigenetics and Aging, Bethesda
2008, July        FASEB meeting on "Molecular Mechanisms of Nutrient Control", Arizona
2008, Aug        Woods Hole Ellison Aging Course, lecturer
2008, Oct         Harvard Biotechnology Conference, Harvard
2008, Oct         CNIO, Spain, Madrid, invited speaker
2008, Oct         Arias Symposium on Liver Disease, Colonnade Hotel, Boston
2009, Jan         Keystone Meeting on Diabetes, Banff, Canada
2009, Jan         Salk Institute Symposium on Aging
2009, Feb         Joslin Diabetes Weekly Seminar Series
2009, Feb         Anzac Institute, Sydney, Australia
2009, Feb         Centenary Institute, Australia
2009, Mar        Diabetes Dialog Conference, Istanbul
2009, Apr         Pre-Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, 3rd International, Nice, France
2009, Apr         Banbury Conference on Sirtuins, Organizer/speaker
2009, Apr         Iona College, NY (student invited speaker)
2009, Apr         ASIP conference, Aging Session, New Orleans
2009, May       98th International Pathology Conference, Kyoto Japan
2010, Feb         Keystone Meeting on Molecular Mechanism of Aging, Tahoe
2010, Feb         Rockefeller University, Invited speaker
2010, Mar        Colloquium on Aging, Seville, Spain
2010, May       Salk Institute, invited lecture series
2010, Apr         Pennington Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, invited speaker
2010, Apr         Cancer Consortium Colloquium, Cincinnati
2010, May       Student invited speaker, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston
2010, May       Fisher Lectureship (3 seminars around the UCLA campus)
2010, May       UTSCA Barshop Institute lecture, Texas (student invited speaker)
2010, April       Nature colloquium on Frailty, Boston
2010, June       Glenn Workshop on Aging, Santa Barbara, CA
2010, June       Kogod Symposium on Aging, Mayo Clinic, MN
2010, Aug        Woods Hole Ellison Aging Course, lecturer
2010, Sept        UNSW Alumni dinner speaker, Australia Consulate, NY
2010, Sept        NIH Nathan Shock Symposium on Stress and Longevity, Bethesda, MD
2010, Oct         Cold Spring Harbor Meeting, Conference Organizer (lab members – 4 talks)
2010, Oct         Keynote Speaker, 5Th international Congress on GRS and insulin signaling, NY
2010, Nov        Firkin Oration, Melbourne
2010, Nov        ASMB, Professional Development Lecture
2010, Nov        Plenary Lecture, ASBMB Conference, Melbourne
2010, Nov        Les Lazarus Award Lecture, Garvan Institute, Sydney
2010, Dec        Am. Soc. Hematology, Orlando, FL
2011, Jan         Keystone Diabetes and Obesity Meeting, Keystone, CO - Keynote
2011, Jan         BU Endocrinology Grand Rounds, MA
2011, Jan         Keystone DNA Damage and Repair, Keystone, CO
2011, Feb         Coimbra University, Portugal, Grad course on mitochondria
2011, Feb         NY Academy of Sciences, Sirtuin Symposium, NY
2011, Feb         Invited Speaker, National Cancer Institute, MA
2011, Mar        Organizer, Speaker, Cell Press Symposium on Aging and Metabolism, Hyannis
2011, Apr         University of Texas, Medical School, Houston, Annual Cheves Smythe Lecture
2011, June       Cold Spring Harbor, 78th Symposium on Metabolism and Disease
2011, June       FASEB Meeting on Acetylation, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
2011, Aug        Ellison Medical Foundation Annual Meeting, Woods Hole, MA
2011, Sept        SwissEx Conference on Aging
2011, Oct         Dean’s Lecture, University of New South Wales, Sydney
2011, Oct         RUNN lecture, Neurobiology, Woods Hole, MA
2012, Jan         Brown University, Aging Seminar Series
2012, Feb         Keystone Sirtuin Meeting, Tahoe City, CA
2012, Mar        Keynote Speaker, Annual Glenn Symposium M.I.T.
2012, May       Inventages Meeting, Barcelona, Spain
2012, Jun         UNSW, Sydney. Invited speaker
2012, Jul          Freie Universitaat Berlin. Invited speaker
2012, Aug        Woods Hole Seminar on Aging
2012, Aug        Symposium in Honor of Lenny Guarente. MIT
2012, Nov        Keynote Speaker, Keystone Meeting on Sirtuins, Tokyo
2012, Dec        Symposium on Sirtuins, Sirtris, a GSK Company, Cambridge, MA
2013, Feb         Memorial Sloan Kettering, NY
2013, Feb         Stanford University, CA
2013, May       Glenn Symposium, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY
2013, June       AGE Meeting, Baltimore, USA
2013, Jun         RUNN Course for Neuroscientists, Woods Hole
2013, Aug        FASEB Conference on HDAC/Sirtuins, Barga, Italy
2013, Sept        Boston University, Symposium on Obesity and Metabolic Control
2013, Sept        Symposium on Resveratrol and Aging, Caudalie Headquarters, Paris
2013, Oct         Interventions to slow aging, Erice, Italy
2013, Nov        Geroscience Summit, NIH
2013, Nov        GSK, Sirtuin DPU, PA
2013, Nov        Sanford-Burnham Institute, Florida, Invited speaker
2014, Jan         Stanford University, Glenn Symposium on Aging
2014, Feb         Harvard Medical School Council Members Lecture
2014, Mar        Dartmouth University, Student Selected Speaker
2014, Mar        Conference on Metabolism and Inflammation, Sydney
2014, Mar        US Patent Office presentations
2014, Apr         Denham Harmon Award in Gerontology, University of Nebraska
2014, Apr         GSK SAB meeting, Philadelphia
2014, Jun         RUNN Course for Neuroscientists
2014, Sep         U. Arizona, Grad Student Invitation
2014, Sept        Therapeutics of Aging Meeting, Harvard
2014, Oct         John Little Symposium, Harvard
2014, Oct         Ideas Week Chicago, IL
2014, Oct         Keio University Symposium on Aging
2014, Nov        Dean’s Lecture, UNSW
2014, Dec        Unilever, CT, Invited Speaker
2015, Jan         Beth Israel Deaconess Diabetes Lecture, Harvard Medical School
2015, Jan         Keystone Mitochondria and Diabetes Meeting, Santa Fe, NM
2015, Feb         Fusion Aging Meeting Cancun
2015, Mar        Keystone Sirtuin Meeting, Santa Fe, NM
2015, Apr         Northeastern University, Boston, Science and Engineering Club
2015, Apr         Washington University, invited speaker
2015, May       U. Penn, invited speaker
2015, May       GlaxoSmithKline, invited speaker
2015, June       Glenn/AFAR Symposium on Aging
2105, Aug        NAD biology, FASEB Conference, Timmendorfer Strand, invited speaker
2015, Aug        Sirtuins and HDACs FASEB Conference, Timmendorfer Strand, invited speaker
2015, Sept        Harvard “The World is Waiting” seminars
2015, Sept        ASIP Conference, Baltimore
2015, Oct         RUNN lecture, Neurobiology, Woods Hole, MA
2015, Dec        Aging Symposium, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Invited speaker
2016, Jan         NIH Hallmarks of Aging Conference
2016, Jan         HMS, Genetics Retreat
2016, Mar        Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Annual Meeting, Sydney Australia
2016, Apr         Keystone Epigenetics Conference, Santa Fe
2016, May        Glenn/AFAR Meeting Santa Barbara
2016, July        Cell Symposium on Aging and Metabolism, Sitges, Spain
2016, Sept        Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Aging, NY
2016, Sept        Yale University, CT, Dept. of Biochemistry
2016, Sept        Glenn Aging New England Meeting, CT
2016, Oct         Arc Fusion Event, San Francisco
2016, Nov        Contestant and team winner, NASA iTech
2016, Nov        92Y NY evening event
2017, Jan         Conference on Aging and Aging-based Therapeutics, Scripps Florida     
2017, Feb         The Kastan Lecture, USC, named lecture
2017, Mar        Fusion Conference on Aging, 2017, Cancun, Mexico
2017, Mar        Aging and Senescence meeting, Harvard Medical School
2017, Apr         NASA panel speaker, Space Conference, Colorado Springs, CO.
2017, Apr         Australian Biology of Aging Meeting, Sydney
2017, May       University of Virginia, Aging and Healthspan Conference
2017, May       University of Rochester, Invited Speaker
2017, May       University of Washington, Grad Student invited speaker
2017, May       Harvard Med. School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Grand Rounds
2017, June       AMPlify Conference, Sydney Australia
2017, June       Carlyle Investor Conference, JFK Center, Boston
2017, June       Charles Perkins Center, Sydney, Australia
2017, June       Charoen Pokphand, Thailand, invited speaker
2017, June       Harvard/Paul F. Glenn Symposium
2017, July        New Orleans FASEB meeting on NAD
2017, Aug        AFAR Board Meeting, Advances in Aging Research
2017, Aug        FASEB meeting on acetylation and sirtuins, Big Sky Montana.
2017, Sept        CLSA Investor Conference, Hong Kong
2017, Oct         IUBMB Symposium on Aging, Athens Greece, Plenary Lecturer
2017, Oct         a16z Andreessen Horowitz Conference, Las Vegas
2017, Nov        Pepper Center, Symposium on NAD precursors. Harvard Medical School
2018, Feb         Seminar to veterinary staff, Harvard Medical School
2018, Feb         Genetics Department Retreat, Harvard Medical School
2018, Mar        Longwood Seminars, Keynote Speaker, Harvard Medical School
2018, Apr         Young Jewish Professionals, NY
2018, Apr         Young Professional Organization, Boston
2018, Apr         Arc Fusion Conference, Boston. Radical Wellness
2018, May       The University of Washington, Stem Cell Meeting
2018, May       CNIO Spain, Conference on Aging, Madrid
2018, May       Convergence conference, Cape Cod
2018, June       EdenRoc Meeting, Santa Cruz
2018, July        HHMI Workshop, HMS
2018, Sept        CNIO/Madrid Meeting on Aging
2018, Oct         Symposium on Aging and NIV, BWH, Boston
2018, Oct         Innovation Meeting, Boston, MA, NASA iTech
2018, Oct         Discovery Museum, Acton, MA
2018, Nov        Australian Consulate, NY
2018, Nov        Owners Forum, Oman
2018, Nov        AFAR Conference on Aging, NY
2018, Nov        Regeneron, NY

*to the best of his knowledge