We are seeking talented, highly motivated Harvard graduate students to join the laboratory of Professor David Sinclair in the Genetics Department at Harvard Medical School, Boston. The lab offers an opportunity to work with an engaged, highly collaborative group of scientists and participate in cutting-edge research funded by NIH and various private foundations and donors. Students in the lab will have the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques, including bioinformatics, molecular biology, epigenetic reprogramming, and animal physiology.

The lab has a long history of identifying genes and small molecules that delay or reverse aging. Recently, we developed a new approach to reverse the age of various tissues safely and used it to restore the vision of old mice. This study changed the perception of aging as unidirectional and was featured on the cover of Nature. In addition to aging, we have a wide range of expertise and interests, including neurodegeneration, cancer, blindness, diabetes, and muscle degeneration. We are not motivated by any specific technique but instead choose to start with scientific questions that, if answered, would improve lives, and make the world a better place.

Interested candidates please contact Luis_Rajman@hms.harvard.edu

Women, people of color, and LGBTQIA people are encouraged to apply.